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Upgrade Your Mood on Demand

Boost your mood, focus and nasal breathing with our all-natural nasal sticks.

Increase Focus

With each inhale, you stimulate thousands of sensory nerves inside your nose that are connected to the brain - instantly snap yourself back into focus when it matters most.

Increase Refreshment

Menthol and peppermint create a sensation of coolness, which stimulate your body's cold receptors and make you feel super fresh.

Mood Booster

Fun fact… scent is tied to memory. Use BoomBoom as an “anchoring tool” and tie each scent to something positive/happy in your life. Then, when your day seems be taking a turn for the worst… whip out your BoomBoom and whammy you’re back to feeling those good vibes.

Upgrade your nasal breathing

Inhale the soothing vapors and take your nasal breathing to the next level.

The BoomBoom Experience

For people who want more out of every moment, we create all-natural, plant-based solutions to help you stay focused, feel refreshed, and be a better you.

100% All-Natural

All of our ingredients are derived from true natural sources and clearly listed on our labels.


With BoomBoom on-hand, you’re always just seconds away from a clear head and feeling prepped to crush whatever it is that’s in front of you.


Rejuvenate your mind, refresh your senses, and increase your focus… all without harmful chemicals or sugary energy drinks.

Simple Science

With clean, plant-based ingredients we're using the power of aromatherapy to enhance your psychological and physical well-being.

Awaken your senses like never before.

Share how you seek and spread good vibes with #BoomBoom



August N.

“Bought these not knowing what to really expect, these are phenomenal!! My girlfriend likes them, I love'em, would definitely buy these again.. and I'm telling everyone I know about these.”

Brooke W.

“I told all my friends about BoomBoom because they had never heard of it. Now they are all in love with BoomBoom and they can't stop Booming.

Simon G.

“I like it. Good fresh feeling. And gives a little rush. Plus helps clear nose and sinus. Allows u to breath in deep and clear. Sometimes even helps soothe sinus when allergies flare up.”

Destiny G.

“BoomBoom is incredible. All my friends love it and has been a great conversation starter on multiple occasions during my nights out. Love it so much I find myself promoting it more than I should.”