Do Nasal Inhalers Have Any Harmful Side Effects?

Safety is important any time we try something new. As new and innovative products enter the market with promising health benefits, you might wonder– is it too good to be true?

While some products offer endless benefits, they often come with the possibility of side effects. Nasal inhalers have recently become popular for being an effective and efficient natural treatment with lots of health benefits.

However, some people are skeptical and warn caution about nasal inhalers. If you are interested in nasal inhalers and curious about certain safety concerns– let’s talk about it.


What Is A Nasal Inhaler And How Do They Work?


There are many kinds of inhalers for various health concerns, but today we are talking about all-natural nasal inhalers. This popular natural remedy uses a blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients to provide the benefits of aromatherapy.

Essential oils can offer a range of benefits and are normally used through aromatherapy techniques. Popular methods include using diffusers, air sprays, or topical treatments. However, nasal inhalers take a different and faster approach.

These nasal inhalers come in small, discreet tubes for on-the-go aromatherapy. They use stimulating and refreshing essential oil blends with other natural ingredients, for a clean & effective experience. When you open the tube, there is a stick absorbed with the essential oil blend that works for multiple uses.

To make your nasal inhaler work, you simply hold the stick up to your nostril, gently inhale the refreshing aroma, and repeat with your other nostril. The aroma will quickly awaken your senses for fast, effective benefits– including allergy relief, enhanced breathing, mood-boosting results, increased focus, and an overall refreshing feeling.

Essential oil inhalation is one of, if not the safest way to use essential oils. The inhalation method allows the essential oils to quickly enter the bloodstream for instant benefits. Breathing in essential oil blends can increase nasal airflow, potentially relieving congestion or blockages. That said, some safety concerns surrounding aromatherapy may still be worth checking out before you use a nasal inhaler.


Can Prolonged Use of a Nasal Inhaler Cause Any Side Effects? 

nasal inhaler side effects

The safety of aromatherapy through nasal inhalers will depend on the person and certain factors within the product. For starters, you want to make sure to check the ingredients used in the nasal inhaler. Studies show that the aniseed essential oil may react negatively with certain medications in your nervous system, so this is something to be cautious about.

You also want to consider any existing health conditions that may give a reason for hazards, such as pregnancy, seizures, sensitivities, hormonal treatments, and more. It’s always best to ask your doctor or pharmacist for medical advice before trying any medicated nasal inhalers.

Depending on your allergies, you may want to make sure the essential oil blend that is being used won’t cause irritation. You can check for this by doing a skin test, applying a small topical amount of the blend onto your skin to see how it reacts over the course of 24 hours.

You may wonder if nasal inhalers are safe to use long-term, and this is a common question within the realm of aromatherapy. Nasal inhalers are not something you need to add to your everyday routine, as they are better enjoyed when needed. 

Overuse of nasal inhalers can lead to side effects and symptoms that are unpleasant. It is not recommended to use your inhaler more than three times a day, for weeks at a time. This may lead to nasal tissue damage if prolonged, which can do more harm than good. 

If you inhale too intensely or use your nasal inhaler more than three times a day, you may experience common side effects such as nausea, increased heartbeat, headache, or dizziness. These symptoms are likely to go away with time but to avoid them in general, it’s helpful to make sure you are using a healthy dosage and not overdoing it.

Many people who report harmful side effects from nasal inhalers are using products with potentially risky ingredients. Some brands or homemade nasal inhalers will use harmful chemicals that should not be inhaled. That’s why it’s best to make sure you are using a nasal inhaler with natural ingredients, to be safe.


Common Reasons People Use Nasal Inhalers

There has been a recent rise in the popularity of essential oil nasal inhalers and that isn’t just a coincidence. People are transitioning towards this method of aromatherapy because of the unique benefits & effective, efficient results.

Help Clear Congestion

Nasal breathing gets difficult when congestion arises and it can cause a major nuisance. While over-the-counter remedies and other solutions take time to start working, nasal inhalers can quickly clear congestion. 

The ingredients in these inhalers use soothing vapors to open your airways, relieve inflammation, and help you breathe better. Compared to other essential oil products, these inhalers work quickly, which is helpful when you are on the go or need immediate relief.

Allergy Relief

While some people struggle with allergic reactions on their skin, the main complaint during allergy season is congestion & inflammation.

Instead of using essential oils in a diffuser, you will get better results when using an essential oil inhaler. This can be a much more effective way to get allergy relief, especially when you’re out and about.

At BoomBoom, we have plenty of high-quality nasal inhalers that use essential oils to conveniently provide relief when you need it most. You never know when your allergies are going to attack.

Allergens aren’t just lying around where you would expect them to be; they’re present in the air you’re breathing. You might not be sniffing the pollen-covered flowers, but the pollen in the air will still trigger your allergies. That’s why we believe that it’s essential to have an allergy remedy with you on the go.

Our nasal inhalers come in convenient packs and a variety of essential oils, so you can find what works best for you. When you inhale these soothing vapors, it helps provide immediate relief to help you breathe better – even when your allergies are at their worst!

Soothing Sensation

When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or in need of some comfort, nasal inhalers may help out. The refreshing sensations can stimulate your body’s cold receptors to help you feel refreshed and relaxed. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air– but better.

Convenient Pick-Me-Up

We all feel sluggish or unhappy from time to time, which is when a nasal inhaler might benefit us. When you inhale our natural essential oil blends, it activates the sensory nerves in your nose to connect to your brain.

This allows you to quickly refocus & re-energize when you need it most. If you are feeling down in the dumps, you can use nasal inhalers to boost your mood. Essential oils can reduce feelings of depression when used through aromatherapy.  

Even the “Wolf of Wall Street” himself (Jordan Belfort) uses Boomboom nasal inhalers as an “anchoring tool” to use scent as a way to encourage and stimulate good feelings.

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