13 Fantastic Music Festival Fanny Packs for Any Budget (and What to Put In It)

When it’s time to dance around and mingle at a festival, the last thing you want is to wear and keep up with an oversized bag. That’s where small waist bags come in handy.

A music festival fanny pack is the perfect accessory because you can keep it on your body at all times and most come with several pockets to keep all the essentials. Plus it’s a lot more convenient to carry around than something like a backpack.

If you’re looking for the best music festival fanny pack for functionality and style, you’re in the right place! We’ve got a variety of options to share with you as festival season picks back up. We’re also going to give some tips for fun items to carry in your bag to help you have an unforgettable experience!


13 Fabulous Fanny Packs for Your Next Music Festival

Are you looking to attend the next festival in style or just get your hands on something that will hold all your things? From simple waist bags to stylish packs and various prices, we’ve got something for everyone.


Vibedration Fanny Pack

vibedration fanny

This tie-dye Vibedration bag goes great with your trendy festival outfit. It’s compact but functional with two storage pockets. It’s water-resistant and has an adjustable strap. This bag is available for $24.99 or less (when there’s a special offer available).


Clare V. Bag

clare v fanny

Clare V. fanny packs are a take on classic French designer bags. They’re stylish, functional, and elegant. There are many fanny pack options to choose from with various prints, many fun ones perfect for a music festival. Prices start at $245 and are well worth it given their quality and rare look.


BuyAgain Fanny Pack


buyagain fanny

If you’re looking for a simple and functional bag, and one that’s available to buy through Amazon, BuyAgain fanny packs are excellent! They’re available in several different solid colors. These bags have several compartments including a hidden one for valuables. It has an adjustable strap and a quick-release buckle. These packs are about $10.


Cotopaxi Bataan

cotopaxi fanny

Be unique with a hip Cotopaxi 3L fanny pack. Keep your things secure and organized in a cool bag from a brand that’s mission is to ‘do good.’ These bags are made with high-quality, repurposed materials and no two are alike. They feature an adjustable webbing belt and multiple pockets. These are available for $30.


Sojourner Rave Pack


sojourner fanny

Stand out in the crowd with a SoJourner Rave fanny pack. They come in various colors and prints including silver, sequined, and rainbow triangles. Multiple front pockets make it easy to carry and find everything you need. They’re also water-resistant and durable. Best of all, these cool bags cost only $14.99.


LOLA Hippie Fanny Pack

​​lola fanny

These LOLA fanny packs are popular for their larger depth than similar bags. They have a sleek design and some of their waste bags are also made with recycled nylon. All colors and patterns are available for $28.00.


Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Pack


travelon pack

This one-of-a-kind Travelon waist bag offers several unique features. From locking compartments to a pull-out water bottle pocket, this pack is great for being hands and worry-free at a festival. It comes in blue and black and costs a little under $40.


JanSport Fifth Ave


jansport fanny pack

Take it back to the OG bag with a JanSport fanny pack. Make a statement with a variety of color and pattern options. The design is simple yet functional with multiple pockets and durable fabric. Prices vary from $16.99 to $27.37.


Patagonia Ultra Light Hip Pack

patagonia fanny pack

If you’re looking for something long-lasting and eco-friendly, the Patagonia Hip Pack is the way to go. It’s made with recycled materials and folds into its own pocket for easy storage. It’s available in several colors for $29.


Vibe Festival Gear

 vibe festival fanny

This festive bag is small but spacious. Vibe Festival Gear bags have 4 pockets and a hidden compartment. These cute packs come in a variety of vibrant prints and colors including pineapple, iridescent, and animal print. Prices vary, but all bags are less than $20.


Society6 Independent Artist Packs

society6 fanny 

To choose the most fitting design for your vibe, Society6 has tons of crossbody bags made by independent artists. From boho prints to abstract art and everything in between, there’s a music festival fanny pack for everyone. Each bag is made with a canvas-like, durable material and contains an inside pocket. Each fanny pack is $39 and they’re currently on sale for less.


Herschel Seventeen Waist Pack


Herschel fanny pack

Wear your Herschel Seventeen around your waist or shoulder. The strap is adjustable and the bag features multiple pockets. Herschel products are made to top-notch quality for long-lasting wear. The bag comes in multiple colors and costs about $30.


TINYAT Travel Waist Bags

TINYAT travel pack

These TINYAT bags are stylish and lightweight. They have multiple pockets including a hidden one. These bags come in many different colors and a couple of different patterns if you’re looking to get a little wild. Prices vary at around $10.


5 Fun Things to Pack in Your Festival Fanny Pack

Aside from the essentials like your tickets, wallet, and chapstick, here are some fun things you may want to have in your festival fanny pack.

  • Fun sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun in style with quirky sunglasses like these Goodr shades.
  • Playing cards: There’s something to be said about a game of cards when at an event and it’s the perfect-sized activity for a fanny pack.
  • Nasal Inhaler: BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers are a great way to stay energized and happy while partying at a festival.
  • Travel CBD: Feel refreshed and relaxed with BoomBoom’s CBD Nasal Inhaler. Its compact size makes it easy to tote in your fanny pack.
  • Trendy bandana: Bandanas are versatile and can be used as a fashion statement and to protect from the sun and dust.


Time to Choose Your Music Festival Fanny Pack!

When choosing the perfect music festival fanny pack for you, consider your style and what you want to put in it. Regardless, these waist bags are the best way to keep your belongings nearby and safe.

When you’re ready to pack for your next festival, check out our festival packing list.

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