23 Awesome Gifts for Music Festival Lovers in 2024

If you have a music festival lover in your life and are looking for the perfect gift for them, you’re in the right place! These gifts for music festival lovers are sure to bring loads of joy.

Doesn’t it feel great to receive a great that has your name written all over it? When I get even the simplest gift, it feels like the best one when it’s right up my alley. Give your festival fan the perfect gift with these neat, unique ideas.


23 Gifts for Music Festival Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is all the fun. Find a meaningful gift for every festivalist with these awesome gifts for music festival lovers. From trendy festival clothing to cozy sleep gear, there’s something for everyone!

Cool Festival-Approved Bag

festival fanny pack

Festival goers always need a bag to carry the essentials like a phone, concert tickets, and wallet. A cool one like this fashion waist bag is ideal for festivals because many require a see-through bag.

A small fanny pack is functional and convenient. It’s perfect to snap on and freely dance around, mingle, and hang out while all the necessities are readily available. Fannys packs can be better than backpacks because it avoids that not-so-appealing back sweat.

This holographic fanny back can be purchased here for $13.99. It’s also available in other patterns and colors.


Cozy Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag

There’s nothing like a good night’s rest after a long fun-filled day at a festival. Gift your festival goer a sleeping bag to cozy up in and get some rest.

Marmot sleeping bags are durable, designed for various temperatures, and offer ventilation.

Marmot’s sleeping bags can be purchased here and prices start at $69.00.


Convenient Pop-up Tent


In addition to a cozy sleeping bag, an easy-pitching tent is nice to have at the end of a festival day.

This Regatta Outdoor Pop-up Tent is perfect to have on the go because it’s quick to put up and take down. It’s also waterproof so you know you’re getting a nice, dry sleep.

This outdoor tent also comes in red and can be purchased here for $122.49.


Refreshing Nasal Sticks

Another one of our unique gift ideas for festival lovers is nasal sticks. A day of enjoying a music festival can take a toll on us, but BoomBoom Nasal Sticks can provide relief.

Sniffing one of these convenient, all-natural inhalers can boost focus, mood, and breathing. It’s great for feeling refreshed to have a top-notch festival experience. And, they smell amazing!

BoomBoom Nasal Sticks can be purchased here in various scents starting at $19.95 for a variety pack.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

portable speaker

Believe it or not, Bluetooth speakers are great to have at a festival. It allows you to play some tunes between shows and at the end of the night when hanging out with friends.

The JBL speaker is a popular one because it plays rich audio and has hours of battery life. Festival lovers like that it’s portable and even comes with a wrist strap to conveniently carry it around. The best part might be that it’s waterproof – an afternoon rain shower or spilled drinks isn’t a problem!

The JBL Bluetooth Speaker comes in several fun colors and can be purchased here for $119.95.


Concert Earplugs

While hearing the music is the whole idea, concert earplugs can make the experience top-notch. These EarPeace concert earplugs allow you to hear quality sound while protecting your eardrums. 

These earplugs are invisible, comfortable, and reusable. Different sizes ensure the right fit and the carrying case is convenient for storing them.

The EarPeace Concert Earplugs can be purchased here for $32.94.


Portable Solar Power Charger

solar charger

Cell phones at musical festivals are a must for taking photos and keeping in touch with family and friends. Naturally, our phones need juice after so many hours away from charging devices. This solar power bank is the perfect size for festival goers.

This portable solar panel charger is waterproof and features a LED flashlight. It’s convenient to put into a bag when not in use and its durable design is perfect for adventures. 

This Solar Power Bank with LED flashlight can be purchased here on sale for $42.99 (usually $59.99).


Festival T-Shirt


Music festivals are also mini fashion shows. A festival t-shirt is a great gift and there are so many options. Tee Public has tons of unique tees and designs to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Tee Public’s festival tees can be purchased here. There are endless options for $20.


Music Festival Book


If you’ve got a music festival lover and a book nerd, this is the perfect gift. It tells the story of how the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival came to be and gives behind-the-scenes details.

Details are told through articles, interviews, and researched information. Readers say it’s fascinating and enlightening. It also makes for a great coffee table book!

Barefoot in Babylon can be purchased here for $16.69.


Essential Oil Rollers

essential oil roller

Dancing around and socializing is fun but can be exhausting. Give the gift of restoration with these  BeNatu roll-ons.

This essential oil roller is small and fits easily in any bag or pocket. It’s applied directly to the skin and offers a variety of benefits including exhaustion relief, reduced anxiety, and better mood. The roll-ons heal, invigorate, and energize. They’re also 100% natural and smell great!

BeNatu Essential Oil Roll-Ons can be purchased here for $21.59 in a variety of blends.


Solar-Powered Lantern


It’s always a bummer when you have nothing to light up your campsite at night during festivals. A solar-powered lantern that can be deflated for easy packing. This Luci light is the ideal option.

These solar-powered lanterns are awesome for festival lovers because they’re convenient and come in vibrant colors. Luci lanterns are powered by the sun and have a strap that can be fastened onto a backpack or hung up. They’re also lightweight and waterproof.

Luci Solar Inflatable Lanterns can be purchased here in various colors for $24.95.


Trendy Sunglasses


We all know when there’s an outside event, not having shades can be brutal. Festival goers love a good pair of trendsetting sunnies. Not only can they attend in style, but they’re also protecting their eyes from the rays.

Fun fact: Diff Charitable Eyewear teams up with an organization to give the gift of sight. Every sunglass purchase helps another person see better.

Diff Festival Glasses can be purchased here in various styles starting at $20.00.


Body Jewels

body jewels

What is a list of perfect gifts for music festival lovers without body jewels? Festival goers love to get creative with their style for the event. Jewels and gems are a great way to get dressed up.

This set of 6 face and body jewels is easy to apply and stick right on. DIY your makeup to stand out at the next festival. If properly cleaned, they can even be reused.

The gems and jewels can be purchased here in various colors for $7.11.


Instant Mini Camera


As an Instax Mini owner myself, I love a good instant photo to quickly capture special moments. This mini polaroid camera is easy to travel with and it’s handy for taking unique snapshots. The pictures themselves print with a small spot to jot down the date and festival to make for the perfect keepsake.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera can be purchased here in a variety of fun colors for $69.95.


Hooded Fleece Blanket

fleece blanket

Well, it doesn’t get much more cozy and convenient than this! And, did you know hooded blankets are actually in style at festivals? 

This cozy wearable blanket with straps for easy carrying is perfect for festivals. It can be worn when it’s chilly and covered up with when it’s time to get some rest.

This flannel hoodie blanket can be purchased here in multiple colors for $23.99 each.


Comfortable Sneakers


When you’re searching for top gifts for festival lovers, you’re always going to come across comfortable shoes. They’re a must for a good experience. When you’re on your feet all day dancing and walking around, a good pair of shoes makes all the difference.

With so many great options, VANS is the perfect footwear. They create shoes that are fashionable,  comfortable, and durable. 

VANS shoes come in many colors and styles and can be purchased here starting at $50.00.


Portable Reclining Seat

portable seat

It’s always nice to kick back and relax at a festival. A comfy, portable seat is perfect for resting.

This Diftsun Foldable Seat is prime because it has back straps for easy carrying and it reclines. The foam cushion provides comfort. It also features a convenient cup holder and side pocket.

This reclining, foldable chair can be purchased here in a variety of colors starting at $56.99.

Inflatable Lounger


Take comfort up a notch with an inflatable lounger which offers an extremely comfortable way to kick back and enjoy the tunes. This air couch is ideal for music festivals.

It’s easy to inflate with no pump required. In fact, all you do is wave it through the air and it blows up. It’s portable, lightweight, and durable. It also makes for a great spot to sleep while camping before starting another big day. 

The Wakapo Inflatable Lounger can be purchased here in a variety of colors and designs. Prices start at $39.98. 


Versatile Scarf


A versatile scarf belongs on every list of gifts for music festival lovers. Fight the sun, dirt, and sweat in style with a scarf like this boho bandeau. 

These bandeaus can be worn in many different ways and can create multiple styles effortlessly. They’re soft, convenient, and stylish.

Natural Life Boho Bandeaus can be purchased here in countless designs starting at $10.00.

Fashionable Rain Poncho

rain pancho

Not many things can put a damper (literally!) on a fun time at a festival than getting soaked from the rain. Festivalists can always use a stylish rain poncho for those just incase moments.

This hooded rain jacket is fun and comfortable. It zips up and has an adjustable hood. It also comes with a handy storage pouch.

This rain poncho can be purchased here in many different styles and prices start at $19.99.


Stick-on Wallet

The fewer worries at a festival, the better! A stick-on wallet means you can carry less and move around more freely. This trendy, iridescent phone wallet makes carrying the essentials easy while out of sight.

This Case-Mate stick-on wallet actually comes in several colors and can be purchased here starting at $9.99.


Customized Festival Socks


For that silly music lover in your life, these are absolutely perfect! They’re fun, make for a great laugh, and definitely stand out in a crowd. Upload a photo to add to these music festival socks to create an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind gift.

These music festival socks can be purchased here for $28.95.


Water Bottle Carrier

bottle carrier

Staying hydrated is crucial especially at festivals and this water bottle sling is the ideal gift.

This carrier allows you to conveniently carry a water bottle and stretches to hold most water bottles. It includes a large front pouch to hold all the essentials and two smaller pockets, too. It’s also made of recycled fabric. When it’s not being used, it can be stored in a built-in pocket that also has a clip to make for easy travel.

The ChicoBag Bottle Sling can be purchased here in several different colors and prices start at $9.99.

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