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Tips for Getting Started

What makes a great partner?

  • Awesome content: unboxing videos, review videos, TikTok videos, lifestyle photography, Instagram stories and feed posts, and everything in between! We want to empower you to create all kinds of creative content for digital and social channels!
  • Referrals: we want you to refer your contacts to us... anyone who you think would benefit from the product, or who would be interested in promoting us!
  • Most importantly: HAVE FUN! We want this experience to be nothing short of fantastic. Don’t be afraid to get silly, get loud, and be proud to represent one of the fastest growing wellness companies in the country!

How do I get started?

  • Once you receive your first set of samples from the BoomBoom factory, you are ready to start creating content! All you have to do is start posting about us on your pages!. And, make sure you tag us in every post! @BoomBoomNaturals @BoomBoomCBD

Any tips for posting about BoomBoom?

  • ABSOLUTELY! We recommend posting at high-traffic times, like 11am or 3pm. Studies show that these are the times of day when people are most active on social media, so your post will reach more people and get more engagement!
  • Use hashtags to boost your posts’ performance too: #BoomBoom #BoomBoomNaturals #BreatheWithBoomBoom #JustBreathe
  • And, encourage your followers to purchase BoomBoom at CVS

What messages should I be sharing with my audience?

  • Breathe better with BoomBoom... better breathing, better life!
  • BoomBoom supports your health by promoting nasal breathing, which helps to reduce stress!
  • BoomBoom is made with essential oils that keep your body functioning optimally!
  • Prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health!
  • Stay positive and be your best self!
  • Encourage people to follow us on TikTok and Instagram: @BoomBoomNaturals

Partner Content Examples

Where can I find examples of fantastic content?

  • Check out our TikTok and Instagram pages for examples! @BoomBoomNaturals @BoomBoomCBD

More about BoomBoom

Where can I learn more about the company, and the amazing benefits of using BoomBoom?

  • For company history, click here!
  • For information about our top-quality ingredients, click here!
  • For the benefits of using essential oils in aromatherapy, click here!
  • For the health benefits of nasal breathing, click here!
  • For other information about incorporating BoomBoom into a healthy lifestyle, click here!

BoomBoom Partner Ad Challenge

As a BoomBoom Partner, you can submit any of your videos / photography to our team to be used in our next advertising campaign. If your submission wins and is used for our next nationwide campaign you’ll win $1,000! Previous ads have been seen over 100,000,000 times!

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