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For people who want the most

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As a BoomBoom partner, you will be sharing the gift of wellness with the world. Our products are made with essential oils to promote healthy breathing and keep you feeling refreshed! We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients to deliver maximum benefits!

So... what is a BoomBoom Partner?

  • A BoomBoom partner is someone who has a genuine passion for our products; who willingly promotes our products and advocates on behalf of the company!
  • Our partnership program is designed for influencers like you, to take advantage of your passion for BoomBoom while finding a way to reward you- our most dedicated fans!

*must be 17+ to apply

As a BoomBoom partner, you will have access to these perks and more!

  • Free products
  • Features on our social media pages to help you grow your own audience
  • Exclusive discounts to share with your friends, family, and followers
  • First access to unreleased products
  • Online support

BoomBoom Partner Ad Challenge

As a BoomBoom Partner, you can submit any of your videos / photography to our team to be used in our next advertising campaign. If your submission wins and is used for our next Nation Wide campaign you’ll win $1,000! Previous ads have been seen over 100,000,000 times!