The 25 Most Undeniable Traits That Make Someone a Nice Person

Are you wondering how you can tell if someone is a nice person? There are several undeniable traits of genuinely kind, good-hearted people. Keep reading to learn what they are.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Life’s too short to not be around nice people.” Cynthia Kenyon was onto something when she said this. Of all the people in the world to surround ourselves with, there are plenty of kind ones out there.

But, how do we know when someone is unquestionably a good person? Here are 25 qualities of a nice guy or gal.

Top 25 Qualities of a Nice Person

A genuinely nice person has countless great traits. This isn’t to say that they’re always perfect. Everyone’s only human and we all have bad moments. Everyone can be kind and I believe being nice is much easier than not.

So, how do we know if the niceness is truly there?

1. They compliment others.

A nice person has an innate habit of praising others. They understand that people deserve to hear compliments and enjoy lifting others up. They’re also excited to acknowledge the success of others.

2. They’re honest.

People who are authentically kind constantly show honesty to themselves and others. However, they are sure to do this tactfully. You never have to wonder if you’re going to hear the truth from them. And, even though nice people compliment others, they’re also truthful when it comes to constructive criticism.

3. They have good manners.

From holding the door open for others to always remembering to say ‘thank you,’ kind people rarely forget to use their manners. They’re respectful to others and they want everyone to feel important.

4. They’re forgiving.


We all know that forgiveness can be difficult, especially when we’re extremely hurt. However, a kind person is understanding and realizes that people deserve a second chance and sometimes a third. This isn’t to say that others can walk all over that nice person who is also a strong person.

5. They show generosity.

Have you ever heard someone being referred to as the person who would ‘give the shirt off their back?’ A nice person feels like things are meant to be shared, especially when someone is in need. They gladly give their time, energy, and belongings. Not only are they generous, but they do so without expecting anything in return.

6. They’re patient.

Kindhearted people show this by being patient. They believe in others and they understand that people make mistakes or take time at things. You won’t feel rushed by a good-hearted person.

7. They’re positive.


Typically, nice people don’t complain or focus on the negative. They do this by looking at the bright side of things and speaking positively even in bad situations.

8. They show an interest in others.

Kindly people care about others – how they feel, what they think, and what they know. They understand that everyone has something to offer. During conversations, they ask open-ended questions and listen.

9. They’re thoughtful.

A nice person is considerate of the needs of others and wants them to feel good. They often do kind gestures just because.

10. They show gratitude.

It’s easy to want to do nice things for good people and they’ll always show gratitude. Even though warm-hearted people are often doing things for others, they show their appreciation when others do for them.

11. They easily make friends.

easily make friends

Most of us can agree that it’s easy to want to be around someone who’s genuinely a delightful human. Kindhearted souls are great at building new relationships.

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12. They’re consistent.

You can always count on an authentically friendly person to always treat everyone with kindness. It’s natural to them and doesn’t take a ton of effort.

13. They’re humble.

While a nice person is probably confident because they inevitably have a lot to offer, they have humility and never act as if they’re the best human on Earth. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They have a modest opinion of their importance which goes back to their belief that everyone has something to offer.

14. They display integrity.

Amiable people have strong values and maintain them no matter what. They work to do their best in all areas of life and at all times.

15. They’re accepting.

No matter who you are, a truly nice person will accept you. They know you don’t have to like everyone but that it’s important to be friendly towards everyone. They embrace diversity regardless of different values, beliefs, or feelings. They have an open mind and don’t criticize others.

16. They show empathy.

People who are kind at their core can put themselves in others’ shoes. They lend a listening ear and take note of what others are feeling and thinking. They don’t want others to have negative feelings and want to help them feel better.

17. They own their flaws.

A kind person isn’t a perfect one. Everyone has imperfections, right? Kindly people own when they’ve done something wrong and they work to fix it. They also work at not making the same mistake multiple times.

18. They show fairness.

Amiable people want justice for all. They choose fairness first every time and are always looking out for the greater good. 

19. They’re selfless.

A nice person goes the extra mile when they’re able to. They want to lend a helping hand to those who need it even if it takes extra effort.

20. They’re kind to loved ones.

Many people are nice to others but show a different side to those they’re close to and most comfortable with. Truly good people don’t change for loved ones. They understand the love and respect their loved ones also deserve and want to show it.

21. They light up a room.

A true good-hearted person has a special presence. Their kindness and good energy light up a room. You can likely find them smiling because they’re happy  with who they are and that they can lift others up, too.

22. They’re authentic.

Oftentimes, kind people are thought of as not being real. Someone who’s good at their core isn’t pretending. They possess excellent traits and they want to treat others (and themselves) the way that humans deserve to be treated. They’re true to who they are and they’ll speak their mind honestly but kindly.

23. They’re passionate.

While being nice comes more easily than being mean, it does take work to be your best self at all times. With that said, a good person wholeheartedly believes in possessing positive traits and they’re passionate about displaying them to others. They love others with all of their heart and want (and work to give) the best to everyone.

24. They remember what you say.

Since good people actively listen and are interested in what others have to say, they remember the details of what people say. Conversations are meaningful to them because they want people to feel heard.

25. They’re nice to themselves.

Last but not least, a nice person is courteous to themselves. They enjoy being considerate of others but know they also deserve it. It’s like the old saying – you have to love yourself in order to love another.


Benefits of Being a Nice Person

If you’ve ever practiced kindness, you know that it’s made others and yourself feel good. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that kindness offers great advantages.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts happiness
  • Improves mental health
  • Increases lifespan
  • Decreases aches and pains
  • It’s contagious; when someone shows kindness, it can create a domino effect
  • Enhances relationships and allows you to build new ones
  • Raises self-esteem

Kindness is good for us!


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