25 Essential Music Festival Hacks: More Fun, Less Drama

Every music festival-goer’s main goal is to have a fantastic time, right? We already know how important it is to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen. But, what about other music festival hacks that are sure to enhance the experience? 

We’ve got 25 unique ideas for making the best of your next music festival experience. From wet wipes for everything to marking your camp spot to ensure it can be found after a long day, you’ll definitely want to use these clever tricks for your next festival experience.


Hacks for Items to Bring

When it comes to packing for a music festival, we know the essentials. So, let’s check out some items that can be life-changers that you may not have ever even thought of. 

Festival Sun Shirt 

The sun can be no joke during long, hot festival days. Sunscreen and hats are key to protecting yourself from sun damage, but a sun shirt with a fun pattern is ideal for staying stylish while also keeping your skin covered for optimal protection.

Wet Wipes

Baby wipes should be on every festival packing list. Even if you don’t usually use them, you’ll find yourself using them just about nonstop if you carry them to a festival. Use them for your hands, face, wiping up spills, backup toilet paper, and so much more. You can thank us later!


A bandana is also a versatile festival necessity that’s often overlooked. It can be used as a face mask or to tie your hair back. Best of all, you can wet your bandana and place it around your neck to cool down.

Travel Poncho

While packing your rain jacket is certainly not a bad idea, a travel poncho like this one is ideal. It folds up into the small carrying bag that’s included to take up barely any space in your bag. You can also attach a carabiner to it and clip it to your bag for super simple carrying and access.

Bin Bags

While having a bag for trash comes in handy, a bin bag can be used for many things at a festival. Use them for wet or dirty clothes and create a DIY poncho if you need to.

Frozen Water Bottles

If you’re attending a multi-day festival, frozen water bottles are one of the best, unknown cooler hacks. Place them at the bottom of your cooler and they take more time to melt than ice cubes to keep your items cold longer.

BoomBoom Nasal Inhaler

Of course, water is key for staying hydrated and feeling good. In addition, bringing a BoomBoom Nasal Inhaler can keep you feeling awesome throughout the festival. This nasal stick is small for easy carrying and consists of essential oils and menthol that work to boost your mood and leave you feeling refreshed. Don’t let exhaustion keep you from hanging and enjoying your experience!


Hacks for Safety (personal and belongings)

While festivals are all about a good time, keeping yourself and your belongings safe is certainly a top priority. These music festival hacks for safety are sure to help you create an unforgettable experience. 

Waterproof Everything

There aren’t many things worse than carrying around and wearing wet items during a festival. Waterproof items are the way to go to avoid this. When packing for your next music festival, consider the following items and choose water-resistant options.

  • Backpack and shoe covers
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • A tarp for under your tent
  • A rain guard for over your tent
  • Rain poncho or jacket
  • Phone cover

Bring Ziplock Bags

Various size Ziplock bags can serve several useful purposes at your next fest. The biggest advantage is that it can protect your items from rain. Bring smaller bags for items like your phone and cash and larger bags for clothes.

Pro Tip: Gallon-size bags can also easily separate your items in your backpack and potentially allow you to get through security quicker since most things are visible.  

Invest in Walkie Talkies

That’s right, the walkie-talkies we enjoyed as kids can come in clutch at a music festival. Cell reception isn’t always guaranteed which can be a hassle when trying to find your group 

Have Back-Up Cash

We know to always be cautious of our belongings at a festival, but having spare cash is always a good idea because wallets are known to get lost or stolen. Set aside enough cash for a day or two worth of spending and hide it. Handy places to stash extra cash are hidden pockets in your fanny pack or wrapped up in a pair of socks in your bag.

Wear a Bag with a Hidden Pouch

Speaking of a hidden pocket, many fanny packs like this one have multiple pockets. Find one that has a designated pouch that’s hidden for you to keep valuable like your credit cards and extra money. 

Designated Meeting Spot

While mingling is a part of the fun, you want to make sure you can reconnect with your group. Keep in mind that sometimes cell reception isn’t the best or your phone may die. With that said, make sure you and at least a couple of friends have a designated meeting spot and a time to reconvene. 

Leave Your iPhone at Home

We know having a phone is a must, so hear us out here! There’s not much worse than losing or damaging your nice phone at a festival. Avoid this by bringing a cheap backup phone with you. 


Hacks for Enjoying the Show

Make the best of your time by enjoying the show like a pro with these quick music festival hacks.

Download the Festival App

Many festivals, especially big ones like Coachella and Lollapalooza, have apps for festival-goers. You can be the first to get important information, explore fest site maps, check out the lineup, and more. 

Share Treats

A great way to make new friends is by sharing treats. Some snacks, gum, and/or glow sticks stuffed in your bag can go a long way and possibly allow you to snag a festival friend or even a long-term bestie.

Enjoy your Own Treats

While sharing snacks is a great way to make friends, making sure you snack will give you the energy to keep the good times rolling. Quick and easy energy-boosting snacks are trail mix, peanut butter, and bananas. 

Wander Around Solo

If you’re okay with flying solo, embrace solo exploring at your next fest. Going your own way allows you to make sure you catch the performers you want to see and potentially meet new friends. Just remember that designated meeting spot we mentioned earlier.

Dance Your Way to the Front of the Stage

Let’s be honest, pushing your way closer to the stage isn’t always so easy. Once people are settled in at the front, you can’t usually get them to shift and share space. But, we all deserve an up-close seat at some point in time. Here’s the trick: dance through the crowd! Being polite, saying excuse me, and dancing your way through the crowd will more than likely encourage other festival-goers to let you squeeze through to get closer.


As we know, festivals are known to upcharge their drinks and prohibit outside beverages. That’s why many festival attendees find themselves interested in nifty items like these umbrella flasks

Snag Freebies

You know those sponsored booths you avoid on your way to food trucks and stages? Don’t skip over them! While they might ask for your email address, they’ve probably got free items to share with you. You can easily unsubscribe or unfollow whatever you join afterward and now you’ve got some new swag you didn’t have to purchase.


Hacks for Camping

Your campsite is your best friend after a fun-filled day. While the music festival itself is the most exciting part, don’t underestimate how important your camping experience is. These music festival hacks for camping are a total game-changer.

Set Up Camp Before the Show

Trust me when I say, it is so much more enjoyable to set up camp before you’re exhausted and potentially intoxicated. Take the time to set up your tent and sleeping spot so that it’s ready for you when you’re ready to hit the sack.

Mark Your Campsite

Don’t get lost in the crowd of tents and drunk people at the end of the day. A flag or other marker that stands out at your campsite is the best way to avoid the bother of losing your spot.

Use Inflatable Lanterns

When you return to your site, it’s going to be dark. Whether you’re looking to get situated for bed or stay up to hang out with friends, inflatable lanterns come in handy. This inflatable light is powered by the sun and it deflates for easy packing. It also has a handle to strap it onto a tree, hook, or your bag.

Bring Entertainment and Decorations

Don’t let the fun end when the sun goes down. Bring entertainment to enjoy at your site like a speaker for music and a deck of cards. Decorate your campsite with string lights and tapestries (also acts as a privacy shade).

We hope these uncommon music festival hacks give you some great ideas for how to have the best time at the next event. For more, check out 60 Best Festival Accessories, Gear & Equipment for 2023.

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