Exciting Milestones in Our WeFunder Journey: GMA, Hostage Tape, and More!

We've recently embarked on our WeFunder journey, aiming to crowdfund for our expansion into retail. As this campaign progresses, we're eager to keep you in the loop with significant developments regarding our business. Dive into the latest buzz surrounding BoomBoom, from thrilling partnerships to exciting distribution updates.

Update 1: We were featured on Good Morning America


Our nasal sticks were featured on Good Morning America! The segment highlighted the unique benefits and effectiveness of our product, showcasing how it can provide quick and convenient relief. We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition and excited to continue helping people breathe easier and feel better!

Update 2: We have partnered with Hostage Tape. 


We're thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with Hostage Tape, a pioneering brand in the nasal breathing and sleep space.

This partnership is bringing to market the "Hostage Nasal Stick by BoomBoom" - a custom nasal breathing solution created by our team and distributed through Hostage Tape's trusted channels. By leveraging their established customer base and brand equity, we're able to penetrate an entirely new segment of the nasal breathing market.

For those unfamiliar, Hostage Tape has cultivated a passionate following among athletes, and performance enthusiasts who understand the benefits of nasal breathing. Their hero product, mouth tape, is specifically designed to help people train themselves to breathe through their nose while sleeping.

Update 3: We are now available in Sheetz

We're thrilled to share that BoomBoom Nasal Sticks are available at all 800 Sheetz convenience store locations across the United States!

For those unfamiliar, Sheetz is a premier convenience chain with stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Michigan.

Update 4: We are approaching 20k reviews on Amazon

BoomBoom is approaching 20,000 customer reviews on Amazon - while maintaining an incredible 4.3 out of 5 rating!

To put this in perspective, we're outpacing a 100-year-old legacy brand in our category by over 4,000 reviews. As a young, innovative CPG company, these numbers are simply phenomenal.

Update 5: We are at 60 live events across the US


At BoomBoom, we know the key to converting new fans is getting our product into people's hands (and noses!). That's why sampling has been a pivotal part of our marketing strategy from day one.

This year, BoomBoom will have a presence at nearly 60 live events across the United States! From EDC to Electric Forest, our sticks will be in the hands (and noses) of thousands of new potential customers.

Update 6: Our BoomBoom Nasal Sticks are now part of McLane's new Emerging Brands program


For those unfamiliar, McLane Company is one of the nation's largest distributors, and a leading supply partner to convenience stores, drug stores, grocery retailers, and more. Their new Emerging Brands initiative helps rapidly get trendsetting, innovative products like BoomBoom onto c-store shelves quickly and efficiently.

Securing this partnership and distribution through McLane's Emerging Brands is a huge win for BoomBoom. It exponentially increases our availability and visibility at convenience retailers of all sizes, from regional chains to mom-and-pop independent stores nationwide.

Update 7: Watch our Webinar Recap!


On May 2nd, we hosted a webinar, so investors could learn all about our community investment round. If you missed it, no worries! You can get all of your questions answered and watch the webinar recap here.

Update 8: We are hitting the shelves of 350 Stop & Shop Doors!


Our nasal sticks are coming soon to 350 Stop & Shop locations! We are so excited to partner with Stop & Shop to make it easier for you to access our products and experience the quick, natural relief that everyone is talking about. Be sure to visit your nearest Stop & Shop to grab a nasal stick and breathe easier today!

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