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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Senses

Having a supercharged sense of smell, sound, sight, taste and touch can transform your every day life.  

If you want to keep your senses sharp and mind refreshed, check out the following tips.

1. SMELL:  Inhale strong scents every day.

Smelling powerful scents on a daily basis engages receptors in your nose, improving your sense of smell over time. Doctors like to call this "scent therapy." Try these: 

  • Smell fresh ground up coffee beans before making your morning brew
  • Catch the scent of dried basil leaves to clear your nasal passage
  • Use BoomBoom's daily-use nasal inhalers. They're made with proprietary blend of 100% natural essential oils and can be carried in your pocket like chapstick or pack of gum.

A Wall Street Journal article "Uncork the Nose's Secret Powers" offers plenty more on scent therapy.

2. SOUND:  Listen to music.

Science confirms that humans are hard-wired to respond to music.

You can sharpen your sense of hearing by listening to music, especially alternating genres with elements that are clearly distinct from one another.  

Jazz or electronic dance music (EDM) are great choices for improving your hearing (assuming it's played at a reasonable volume!).

Jazz groups usually have a myriad of instruments and the musicians take turns playing solos.

EDM producers create completely original beats by layering sounds that are not possible to create with a physical instrument. 

Check out this NPR article on The Power of Music and its affect on the brain. 

 3. SIGHT:  Do eye exercises. 

Say what?!  Yes, I was thinking the same thing - How do I exercise my eyes?  

  • Warm your eyes
  • Roll your eyes
  • Focus
  • Message your temples

After testing these basic eye exercises for the past few weeks, I can tell a noticeable difference with my reading speed.

For exact instructions and other natural ways to improve your vision, check out this article by Dr. Oz "3 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally".

 4. TASTE:  Add variety to your diet.

Stimulate your taste buds by mixing up your diet.  

Try new recipes, spices and foods you don't normally eat.  

Do your best to eat only fresh ingredients and stay away from processed foods.  Processed foods usually contain a lot of sugar, salt, chemicals and artificial ingredients - these can negatively affect your sense of taste.

This is an interesting article on the topic - Tips for the tongue: How to train your taste buds.   

5 .  TOUCH:  Pay attention to how things feel.

Too often, we take our sense of touch for granted.  

Being conscious about what you're touching helps awaken your brain and stimulate your sensory recognition pattern.  Think about running your hand across a silk shirt or getting a hot stone massage - you are choosing to actively think about the feeling it provides.  

Be open to this conscious thought of touch in more normal circumstances, like putting on your seat belt or typing on a computer, it helps stimulate the brain! 


Learn more about how to stimulate your senses by reading the WikiHow article "How to Fine Tune All of Your Five Senses".

For those who love reminders, here are the 5 ways summarized:

  1. Smell
  2. Sound
  3. Sight
  4. Taste
  5. Touch
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